Unresolved Lease Issue With Park Hill Golf Course

This post documents snippets of articles surrounding the sudden withdrawal of a offer by the City of Denver to purchase the Golf Course. The City originally offered  $20.5 million dollars to purchase but withdrew the offer after learning that the lessee had  not yet made a decision whether to renew or not.  Arcis golf has until July 2018 to excise its rights detailed under the lease agreements originally made in 1998 .  They also have the  first right of refusal as to purchase or can  exercise their ability to renew for two five year periods.

Documents are here:

Memorandum of Lease 1998

Assignment of Golf Lease 2008


Plans are being made by the City of Denver to obtain at least 25 acres for flood control by immediate possession but plans also include closing and fencing the entire course for a two year period after which they plan to return it as a golf course if required.  Those plans were revealed at the Dec 5 Finance and Government committee. Please view 00:34:41. Questions by Council Woman Robin Kniech revealed 2 plans, plan A and plan B 00:50:11

Download the PDF file .

Download the PDF file .


Denver suspends attempt to purchase Park Hill Golf Course after trust that owns it faces “unresolved lease issue”

The Denverite

Major problem for Denver buying Park Hill Golf Club: golf may not go quietly


Business Den

Denver’s $20M deal to buy Park Hill Golf Course on hold





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