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zoning.smCommittee Mission Statement
The mission of the INC Zoning and Planning Committee is to learn about zoning, planning, licensing and urban design issues and processes in Denver, including sidewalks and tree lawns; to assist neighborhood groups in dealing with such matters; and to provide advocacy, recommendations and comments to city government, with emphasis on the need for and importance of involvement of neighbors and neighborhood organizations in city issues.

Chair, Zoning & Planning Committee (ZAP)
Margie Valdez
For more information, or to volunteer, contact us: zoningplaning@denverinc.org



Zoning and Planning Committee Reports

March 28 2015 ZAP Meeting Summary (SHORT VERSION)
March 28 2015 ZAP Meeting Summary

January_2015 Meeting Summary Long Version

February 2015 Meeting Summary Long Version

INC ZAP Minutes – May 16, 2015

June 2015 ZAP minutes

July 2015 ZAP Minutes

For more information, or to volunteer, contact us: zoningplaning@denverinc.org

Current Documents and Video’s regarding short term rentals


This is one prospective from the Portland City Commission with regard to short term  rentals.

Short-Term Rentals:  Couple in Baker Neighborhood wants to keep houses as homes.

Fox Channel 31, Congress Park and Capital Hill


AN ACT to enable Distillery Licenses

AirBnB- Study on Impact to Los Angeles Area

INC ZAP CDP Overview

Sun Valley Decatur-Federal Area Plan

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Chair Margie Valdez convened the meeting of the INC Zoning and Planning Committee and introduced several city staff who spent the entire meeting updating the committee on the status of the Denveright planning process, namely Caryn Champine, David Gaspers and Sarah Showalter of the Community Planning and Development Department; Karen Good and Christine Evanoff of the Public Works Department and Mark Tabor of Parks and Recreation.

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Chair Margie Valdez convened the meeting of the INC Zoning and Planning Committee and introduced City Council President Albus Brooks and Jeff Hirt and Sarah Showalter from the Denver Community Planning and Development Department to discuss a potential language amendment to the Zoning Code to address parking exemptions for small lots (6250 square feet or less, typically 50’ by 125’ lots). Since 2010 in the current code (Section 10.4.5(A)), small lots in all Mixed Use Commercial Districts have no off-street parking requirement. After a great deal of controversy concerning proposed developments in Curtis Park and on Humboldt Street at East 16th Avenue, City Council passed a moratorium on such new developments (not counting 11 projects “in the pipeline”) and Councilman Brooks appointed a 15-person task force to consider possible changes

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Steve Nalley of CPD presented the Neighborhood Planning Initiative (NPI), which is an aggressive plan, supported by INC’s 2013 Zoning and Planning Platform, to develop plans for every statistical neighborhood in the city, of which there are 78, within approximately 14 years. Currently 42% of the city has no neighborhood or area plan at all and 39% has a plan from before Blueprint Denver was adopted in 2002. The initiative will group up to 6 neighborhoods together for planning purposes, which would mean a total of approximately 19 new plans. New staff will be hired and, under the proposed budget, there would be 3 plans underway concurrently, each of which will take 18-24 months to complete. One of the first will be for east-central neighborhoods – Capitol Hill, Cheesman Park, Congress Park, City Park, City Park West and North Capitol Hill. Steve can be contacted at steve.nalley@denvergov.org

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Humboldt Street Neighborhood Loses Battle

Despite an appeal to the Denver Board of Adjustment the Humboldt Street Neighborhood Association lost its appeal by a vote of 4-1. The administrative appeal was filed by the Humboldt Street Neighborhood Association to the Board of Adjustment for Zoning Appeals in Cases 150-16 ad 151-16. The neighborhood association appealed the granting by the Zoning Administrator of a permit to allow the construction at 108 residential apartments and a restaurant in two new buildings on two adjacent zone lots with no parking spaces at 1570 and 1578 Humboldt Street. Videos from Channel 4 and Channel 7 are provided

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O’Connor Vs The Denver Planning Board 15CA0709

VIDEO: This hearing before the Colorado Court of Appeals, is critically important to Denver’s neighborhoods. The City of Denver maintains that only residents within 200 feet of property have the right to challenge a rezoning decision in court. The intent of this appeal of a District Court decision on this matter is what is being argued here by Attorney Greg Kerwin. However, note also that the City Attorney, Ms. Avila, also argues that no “quasi-judicial” decision of the Denver Planning Board can be appealed in court even if members of the Planning Board act arbitrarily or have clear conflicts of interest. READ MORE

Zoning and Planning Committee Meeting Minute June 23 2012

By Michael Henry, Committee Chair

The INC Zoning and Planning (ZAP) Committee met on June 23 at the (former) Emerson School at 1420 Ogden Street, which opened in May as the new joint headquarters for the Colorado chapter of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Historic Denver and Colorado Preservation, Inc. Rosemary Stoffel, a ZAP member and Historic Denver board member, explained the history and re-use of the Denver-landmarked building, designed by Robert Roeschlaub, which opened as an elementary school in 1885. Approximately $3.5 million was donated and spent to renovate and re-use the building. Thanks to Rosemary and the 3 groups for allowing us to see the fine old building, which has served the Capitol Hill neighborhood for 137 years.

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