A Message From George Mayl, President

April 14, 2018

INC Members,

Our April meeting was held at Transfiguration of Christ Cathedral in Globeville. I want to thank everyone for your patience with our sound system & projector. I hope to have this rectified for our May meeting. I do apologize.

As I stated, there are 13 months until the municipal elections. If your RNO and surrounding fellow neighborhoods feel your Council Person is not representing you and your fellow neighbors’ best interests, you opportunity is at hand. Partner with other RNOs in your Council district, find a person that will listen to you and SUPPORT THEM. Dollars help in an election, but word of mouth and votes are what counts.

If, for any reason you wish to drop me a line, please do so at  comayl@aol.com or president@denverinc.org. Some have expressed a desire to have me attend your meetings…let me know.

This is your organization; it is your voice...use it ! !!



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