April 2018 Meeting, A Message From The President

Fellow Neighbors,
After a most successful day of Informational Forums March 10th, it’s time to focus on April’s venue. School children in and around Elyria/Swansea/Globeville neighborhoods are subjected to toxic conditions their fellow students in other parts of Denver are lucky to escape. This will be our focus at the next Delegate Meeting located at Holy Transfiguration of Christ Cathedral located at 349 East 47th Ave. 80216 on April 14th.  In keeping with our policy of open and all inclusive meetings, I urge all of you to bring a guest or 3 or 4 from your RNO or a neighbor or 3.We need to grow the Inter Neighborhood Cooperation and have an even larger impact on our elected official on issues that directly affect the citizens of Denver. As I have said many time before our gatherings… our VOTE can change the direction Denver proceeds to the betterment of ALL Denverites. Help spread the word, “The INC is here to represent important issues and we aren’t going away and we can get the votes to prove it”.
Let us all grow this organization and in doing so, have our voices heard in unison.

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