February 2018 Delegate Minutes

Olympic Planning Representatives
George announced that Larry Ambrose and Christine O’Connor are assigned as INC representatives to the Share the Gold committee related to Denver’s bidding on future Olympics to be held in Colorado. The delegates requested this be a topic presented at the March meeting and to take a straw vote about the bid that could shared with the STG meeting at the end of March.

A motion was made by Chris Chiari and seconded by Jane Lorimer to checking into the possibility of changing our March Annual Meeting (elections) to include the Olympic committee straw vote to be held at the same venue as the Park Hill Golf Course Informational Forum (Park Hill Congregational Church). The motions passed 26 yes, 0 against, 1 abstain. Updates to come. (see PARC report)


Delegate Meeting January 13, 2018

INC met January 13 at Denver’s District 3 Police Station. An SRO crowd heard from Councilperson Paul Kashmann, Denver’s new Neighborhood Liaison and a special program from the representatives of Denver Road Home and Denver Homeless Out Loud, as well as reports from INC committees and a number of delegates who had RNO updates. [No voting matters at this meeting occurred.] President George Mayl opened the meeting with a welcome, and circulated a card of congratulations (to be signed by attendees) to longtime INC delegate and leader, Katie Fisher, who had just retired from 40 years on staff at Iliff School of Theology.


Delegate Meeting Notes January 18 2018

Councilman Kashmann reported that traffic and especially speeding traffic is a major concern brought to him, so he has created a new sign for neighborhood streets that says “Drive 25 – It Won’t Kill You ! Slow Down !” He said Housing and Homelessness are complex problems that will take the commitment of the city. The homeless need a strong voice..

Liaison to the Mayor’s office, Grace Lopez-Ramirez, added that the Mayor wants to know what is going on in the neighborhoods. Please advise him.


Delegate Meeting Minutes Nov 11 2017


JJ Niemann, INC President, introduced Margie Valdez, Chair Bylaws Sub Committee, to review proposed bylaws changes pertaining to last date to renew membership within INC and to be able to participate in voting on or running for INC board positions. The changes were emailed to all members October 30, 2017. 45 delegates present at this time.



In lieu of a regular meeting, INC held a public forum to discuss CDOT’s planned expansion of I-70 through the neighborhoods of Elyria and Swansea, and the City of Denver’s related Platte to Park Hill Storm Water Project. Over 100 people attended the event. CDOT and Denver’s City Planning were invited to be on the panel and both declined.
INC’s goal was to provide an opportunity to have a serious open discussion about these two very complicated and controversial projects as well as ask hard questions that many feel have not been answered.



Denver Community Planning and Development staff clarified that before re-zoning would occur, the City would conduct a neighborhood planning initiative. CPD will partner with Clayton and lead a typical planning process that will result in a master plan. The City legal representative state that the conservation easement is only for golf course use and would have to be re-visited unless a golf course is kept there. Brad Cameron disagreed with this interpretation of the conservation easement. It was asked if the initial $10M is coming from CDOT, and the City clarified that it is coming from waste water funds and also from CDOT IGA funds