Rails to 21st Century

On April 22 Denver took a broad step into the future with the opening of commuter rail service to DIA from Union Station. This is a major step to address our transportation needs as this is the first commuter (heavy rail) service of the RTD system in the region.

A ribbon-cutting event was held at DIA. The ‘snippers’ included Mayor Hancock, Mayor Hogan, Airport Manager Kim Day, RTD General Manager Dave Genova, Representative DeGette, Senator Bennett, representatives from the University of Colorado, several RTD Board members and many others as they cut the ribbon opening the University of Colorado A Line, as the line is called.


Matching Funds Up for Neighborhood Projects

Denver Environmental Health’s (DEH) Sustainable Neighborhoods Program is excited to launch the Sustainable Neighborhoods Matching Fund (SNMF) pilot project. SNMF will award up to $2,500 each to three projects in Denver neighborhoods that further community sustainability and well-being goals.

Applying organizations must be primarily made up of members who live and/or work in Denver. Preference will be given to Registered Neighborhood Organizations and neighborhoods-based groups, but place-based entries are also eligible (including business improvement districts, businesses’, and non- and for-profit organizations).


Harvey Park Improvement Association Recognized By City Council

On February 1 one of INC’s member groups historic Harvey Park Improvement Association was recognized by a proclamation its 60th anniversary. This was sponsored by Councilman Kevin Flynn and acknowledged that Harvey Park is one of the oldest Neighborhood associations in the City.

Harvey Park is also known for their abundance of Cliff May homes.


Cherry Creek Dam Water Control Plan Modification Study

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Omaha District will hold a public meeting
on Tuesday, January 26, 2016 from 6-8pm to gather input on modifying the
Cherry Creek Dam Water Control Plan to release more water from the dam
during extreme flooding events.


Celebrating 40 Years Of Neighborhood Activism

As Denver’s Inter-Neighbor Cooperation (INC) observes its 40th anniversary, its president Larry Ambrose says the neighborhood movement plays a key role in city government accountability.

“Because we have a nominally nonpartisan city government, the elected officials are not responsible to parties or platforms,” says Ambrose. “Through the neighborhood movement, citizens have a voice to advocate on public issues of direct impact.”


O’Connor Vs The Denver Planning Board 15CA0709

VIDEO: This hearing before the Colorado Court of Appeals, is critically important to Denver’s neighborhoods. The City of Denver maintains that only residents within 200 feet of property have the right to challenge a rezoning decision in court. The intent of this appeal of a District Court decision on this matter is what is being argued here by Attorney Greg Kerwin. However, note also that the City Attorney, Ms. Avila, also argues that no “quasi-judicial” decision of the Denver Planning Board can be appealed in court even if members of the Planning Board act arbitrarily or have clear conflicts of interest.


Stompin’ Ground Games at Four Mile Historic Park!

Warm Cookies of the Revolution!
You either came to Ruby Hill Park in October, or you missed out on the greatest day in recorded history. Word on the street is that Four Mile Historic Park might be even cooler…

For the second month of the Stompin’ Ground Games, we’re posting up at Four Mile Historic Park to celebrate and learn about the diverse mix of neighborhood history and current issues in Southeast Denver: places like Washington-Virginia Vale, Virginia Village, Hilltop, and more.