Denver INC Executive Meeting Minutes July 11, 2016

Budget: Over budget for materials but the budget was small to begin with. Over budget for awards dinner. Delegates meetings have used budget for food and coffee. Education, Safety, and misc. money has not been touched. $600 in unknown expenses – $1,500 budgeted. $12,000 budgeted for year, a little over $8,000 used. Income for the year projected at $12,000. Actual = $13,400. YTD – net $5,000, should play out to a $1,300 net by the end of the year.


Executive Committee Meeting June 20, 2016

Articles of Incorporation: A motion to approve the amended Articles of Incorporation at the May Delegate meeting was tabled because of a concern about a liability clause. Margie stated she is prepared to defend the language of the affected clause. John moved that we keep the proposed language and return the issue to the delegation for approval.

Denveright just released their list of task force membership. Joel – once marketing starts we need to work to get the message out regarding public meetings and to push the city to get schedules out early.


INC Executive Committee Meeting December 2015

Date: Dec 14th; Location: SWIC; President presiding
Meeting called to order at: 6:32pm
Board of Directors: Larry Ambrose, Ray Ehrenstein, Bibi Alexander, JJ Niemann, David Stauffer, John Riecke, Meg Schomp Committee Chairs: Education, Meg Schomp; Communication, David Stauffer; Membership, JJ Niemann; Budget, John Riecke; Parks and Recreation, Maggie Price; Public Safety, Merce Lea; Transportation, Joel Noble; Zoning and Planning, Margie Valdez, Greg Kerwin; Charitable Giving; Joanne Kuemmerlin

Approval of November Minutes motion made by John R. 2nd: Bibi A.
Minutes approved by acclamation


INC Transportation Committee – Meeting Notes From Nov. 12, 2015

How do we create attractive and inviting places that are functional for different users throughout the day and over the course of changing seasons? How can we transform one of Denver’s most famous streets – 16th Street – into a better place to serve Denver’s ever-changing needs?

Jason Whitlock, Principal City Planner, presented one of three connected studies aimed at activating Denver: The Mall Experience. Jason began by asking: what do we have to learn from other great places? Places like Covent Garden in London or Broadway in New York City. How does 16th Street perform in comparison?


INC Delegate Meetings November 14, 2015

The meeting was called to order by INC President, Larry Ambrose at Jake’s, at 38th and Walnut in the Cole/River North neighborhood at 9 am.

Treasurer’s report INC October 2015 Treas Report
Introduction from our delegate from the Cole Neighborhood (Darcy Wilson)
Councilman Wayne New, District 10 made a report and answered questions


NOTES From INC PARC meeting October 20, 2015

Fred, Katy and Grace spoke about the draft Event Rest Policy for the 2016 season aimed at assessment of the rules which were also used for 2015. Fred explained that the 2016 permitting begins Nov. 2, so it has been necessary to develop a one-year Policy which defines the number of “rest days” in high event parks, to determine use of other parks, and a comprehensive assessment is complete at the end of 2016 season.