EEW … the fun never ends around here!

Impressed? Hey! The Grandoozy’s set for Overland Golf Course in September. Join your favorite 80,000 best friends for two days of whatever amazement/bands/”experiences” they have there. Arrive by drone and let it hover. Denver Visitor fellow exclaimed reassuringly that everything Mr. Superfly is planning is Us—Denver. Not You? But think of your fat wallet from the Economic Impact-Ahh. Or write letters, urge other “improvements” or—move on along to? Gotta love Colorado. Still, we begin to see why the Governor is thinking of moving on to the peace and quiet of Washington, D.C



I wish to thank you all for entrusting the stewardship of the Inter Neighborhood Cooperation to me going forward. As I stated at our March 10th meeting, we need to grow our organization in membership and public awareness. With your help and support we will do just that. To accomplish this however, we all must participate in this endeavor through our Registered Neighborhood Organizations(RNOs) working together in our respective districts and the city on the whole.


A March Message From President George Mayl

We are having elections for President, Secretary and (3) Delegate-at Large positions. I need not tell you that it is vital for our future to elect Directors that share the same neighborhood zeal our past officers held. There are also open positions on the Safety and Education Committees. Please step up and take an active part in your INC.


Thank You From Denver Health

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Funding from the Denver go will use to build the outpatient Medical Center, OMC Denver Health. The OMC will be a 272000 square foot state-of-the-art facility that will allow us to expand 17 clinics and include a Day Surgery Center, expanded Pharmacy lab services and Radiology. These services will be available in one location at the OMC patients will be able to access all their care in one building


In Memorium Claudette Rue

There were many committees, which Claudette assisted in forming and then stepping back to allow new leadership to participate.

Most notable were the Buddy System, (to support elderly ladies living alone), the Welcome New Neighbor Committee (under the direction of Odessa Burch) and the annual competition; “Best Yard / Landscape” in which two homes won gift and cash awards and had the honor of placing the winner sign in their front lawn for the month.


Is Your RNO Information Current with Us?

Do We Have Correct RNO Data for Your Group?

The list of current 2017 members is posted on our website at 2017 MEMBER LIST. 

We currently have 90 RNO member organizations and 33 Associate members. 

Please advise if you have changes in delegates, addresses or even RNO names! 
We like to keep our sign in sheets up to date so if any of your voting delegates have changed, please let us know the name, address, email and phone for our contact records. This also includes permanently assigned rotating delegates (alternates).