Hosting Guidelines

Select the date (second Saturday of the month) you wish to host and advise INC Vice President as soon as possible. Dates are often reserved 6-12 months in advance. Rule of thumb cost is about $75 depending on how much food and whether or not you buy or make coffee and what is served.  [Email: ]

Host Responsibilities:

  • Building Reservation/Use
  • Clear the use of the facility with proper authorities
  • The facility should have HC parking and access if at all possible
  • Advise INC of the building location and any special notes about getting there, parking and HC access.
  • Advise INC as soon as possible.  You may need to preview the facility first.
  • Ensure access to the building for INC by 7:45am at the latest. Some members arrive by 8:00am
  • Clean up (INC members usually will help as well)
  • Provide food and beverages for about 50 attendees
  • Coffee (Regular and Decaf)
  • Hot water is nice to have and if included, you provide tea bags
  • Juice (100% preferred)- Half gallon is usually enough; fruit is a nice option (grapes, berries, etc)
  • Water – if water fountains are not available, bottled water is a nice to have item
  • Cream or creamer, sugar, sugar substitute, stirs
  • Breakfast oriented food – remember some cannot eat sugary items so it is nice to provide alternative items (mini bagels, sugar-free cookies, cheese, etc.).•
  • If you bring bagels with cream cheese, remember knives for spreading and cutting
  • Napkins and/or small paper plates

Note: if any food items remain and your group cannot use them, INC will distribute these for the homeless .

Room setup

  • Table for sign up
  • Table for literature (newsletters, brochures HOA’s bring, etc.)
  • Table or area for food, beverage service
  • Chairs for at least 50 people
  • Screen and cables for computer presentations (INC can furnish LCD projector if needed)

Presentation Announcements

  • Welcome from a host HOA representative & please include housekeeping notes such as where restrooms are located, recycling if available, etc.
  • You have the option to invite your respective City Councilperson who may also make a short welcome statement

INC Responsibilities

  • Speakers (other than initial remarks by City Councilperson and/or INC Hosting group)
  • If you have an idea for a speaker, INC is open to hearing about that
  • Microphone system
  • Advising members of the meeting date/time and location of the facility
  • INC directional signage
  • Meeting agenda and management of the meeting

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Hosting Guidelines — 2 Comments

    • Hello Yvette,

      Thank you for reaching out to the Denver INC. Please send your flier to and we’ll see what we can do to help promote your event. PS: This is the same day as our Denver INC delegate meeting. Maybe you could come attend our event as well, or send your Cook Park / Barnum INC representative.
      – JJ Niemann

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