Monthly Meetings

  • Monthly meetings are held the second Saturday of every month to discuss common issues, Hot Topics and neighborhood concerns and to create position statements on critical issues impacting Denver.
  • The meeting time is from 8:30am to 11:30am. The first half hour is generally devoted to networking/coffee with program beginning at 9:00am.
  • Monthly meetings are voluntarily hosted by members and City agencies at various facilities within the City.
  • Any entity may host an INC meeting.  Please see hosting guidelines for details, and our calendar of events for information about upcoming meetings.
  • Meeting locations are announced via this website and by email to all members and interested neighborhoods.

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Other Meetings

Committee presentations about specific issues such as:

Co-hosted Denver Decides forums related to ballot issues, candidates, and city-wide topics.

Annual Awards Dinner to honor neighborhood leaders.

Special meetings and social events as determined by the Executive Committee.

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INC Delegate Meeting Minutes Feb 13 2016

Topic: By-laws Interpretation regarding terms of office
Larry Ambrose started the discussion by stating the issue that was brought to the delegation from the Board of Directors. The Board discussed in its recent meeting, the interpretation of the bylaws changes adopted in early 2014 pertaining to a revised term length from one year to two years, revised number of terms that could be served (from two to three) and the beginning of staggered terms. The bylaws adopted included an amendment which is now unclear to some about what was meant by what was eventually codified in the bylaws. The bylaws were presented and the changes that occurred in 2014 were displayed.