April 2018 Meeting, A Message From The President

School children in and around ESG neighborhoods are subjected to toxic conditions their fellow students in other parts of Denver are lucky to escape. This will be our focus at the next Delegate Meeting located at Holy Transfiguration of Christ Cathedral located at 349 East 47th Ave. 80216 on April 14th


Executive Committee Meeting Minutes Jan 8 2018

Dinner Update

Good registration, $25,000 + in sponsorship received, arrangements coming together well. Andrew Romanoff agreed to be emcee and the Mayor has been briefed about his presentation.
Any future correspondence between INC Chairs and city entities must first be submitted to the President prior to sending to the city.


Executive Committee Meeting Feb 12 2018

The Delegate meeting on February 10 directed INC to try to move the Annual Meeting (March 10) to be held at the same facility as the upcoming Park Hill Golf Course Informational Forum. Discussion included who to invite to be on a panel other than the INC representatives, who to be the moderator, and whether or not to seek “celebrity names” to participate.



I wish to thank you all for entrusting the stewardship of the Inter Neighborhood Cooperation to me going forward. As I stated at our March 10th meeting, we need to grow our organization in membership and public awareness. With your help and support we will do just that. To accomplish this however, we all must participate in this endeavor through our Registered Neighborhood Organizations(RNOs) working together in our respective districts and the city on the whole.


INC Transportation Meeting Notes January 2018

The Denver Moves: Transit plan is nearing the completion of its core recommendations, which are being reviewed in a series of public meetings throughout the city in the coming weeks.  The major recommendation is for the creation of a “Frequent Transit Network” — a grid of high-frequency all-day prioritized transit throughout the city. Where the ridership and other factors warrant it, the plan will be calling for significant upgrades to ensure transit operates with high reliability. In other corridors, less capital-intensive changes are needed to prevent transit from being stuck in traffic.  Other recommendations for quality transit stops and amenities are also expected in the upcoming draft plan.


‘There Is No Deal’

Haynes’s comments came several weeks after the board of Greater Park Hill Community, Inc. wrote to her and to Herndon, asking them to clarify the city’s plans. The letter also noted that the Park Hill Neighborhood Plan, which was adopted in 2000, specifies that, “Changes to parks and open space should be decided in a neighborhood forum.”

“Our purpose is to ensure that the adjacent neighbors’ priorities and wishes for the features of a pocket park in their neighborhood are heard, documented, and published.” The letter, which was approved unanimously at the Feb. 1 GPHC community meeting was signed by 26 board members of the Registered Neighborhood Organization.