Public Safety

Committee Purpose

Mission Statement is:  INC Public Safety




The Public Safety Committee addresses and educates members about matters of public safety such as crime, graffiti, marijuana regulations and how to safeguard homes and vehicles.  The Committee also is involved in jail and rehabilitation programs.

Chair, Public Safety Committee
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Application For Denver Police Department Community Advisory Board

The Denver Police Department highly values its partnership with the community and recognizes that having public engagement creates a successful law enforcement agency. Continuing with Department’s mission to collaborate with the community to make Denver a better and safer place for all its members, DPD invites interested community members to apply to join the Chief’s Community Advisory Board. Selected members of the Chief’s Community Advisory Board will advise the Chief of Police on issues, matters and public policies, which influence or impact the ongoing relationship between the Denver Police Department, and the community we serve.


INC Public Safety/Education Committee Meeting Minutes April 27, 2016

David DiGiacomo of Denver Public Works presented about what role Public Works plays with respect to schools and roadway safety, answering both general questions and school roadway issues. Denver committed to VISION ZERO in February of this year, a Public Works action plan to eliminate crashes on roadways, with the goal to reduce and hopefully eliminate traffic-related fatalities.
Rae Reynolds, representing Hilltop/CBHD Transportation, introduced further conversation about how increased development in Denver is going to impact public roadway safety, and concerns that the city realistically anticipates how this is affecting safety. In the Hilltop neighborhood, for instance, there are no sidewalks in many parts of the neighborhood, including along busy arterial streets. Additionally, some of these busy streets have lights between blocks, with no crosswalk to help assure pedestrian-safe passages where there are no sidewalks (East Sixth Avenue between Colorado Boulevard and Quebec, for instance).


Public Information Only – Methadone Dispensary Control Bill Introduction

A Methadone Dispensary/Local Control bill is scheduled to be heard by the House State Government, Military and Veterans affairs committee this Wednesday January 27 at 10:00am . This bill , the Methadone Dispensary/Local Control Bill, will be heard at the Legislative Services Building, 200 East 14th Ave in Denver.

This bill hopes to give neighborhoods more control over Methadone clinics and to have these facilities located beyond 1000 ft of a public or private elementary , middle, junior high or high school.


In Remembrance of Anthony Thomas

Long time INC member and community safety advocate, Anthony Thomas, passed away on January 15, 2016.

Over the past decade, Anthony served on INC’s Board of Directors and on its Executive Committee as Chair of the Public Safety Committee for INC and served as a delegate to INC from the Civic Association of Clayton neighborhood for many years.