Special Executive Committee Meeting

April 7, 2018 INC Executive Committee Business Planning

    1. Initial Introduction by President George Mayl- this would be a general brainstorming session. Some topics for the day included:

      1. How to grow the organization – Increase membership

      2. Sources of revenue- increase funding for INC

      3. How INC can be more of a resource for the city

      4. There was a general discussion regarding the purpose of INC – Public education & providing Information

    1. The question was raised as to why INC needs to raise money:

      1. Need $50,000 to join Colorado Gives day for donations

      2. Potentially for the opportunity to provide a scholarship

      3. Grant Options (discussion about hiring a grant writer

      4. To continue providing forums with timely/current relevant topics

      5. To bring in speakers/presenters

      6. For producing content – i.e. YouTube videos, etc.

      7. Funding to hire staff

      8. To fund a marketing plan (Concepts for plan)

        • One page document for ‘sales pitch’ – Why join INC & include what INC has accomplished in the last few years

        • Update media

Website – Need secure site – there was a motion and a vote (all approved) payment for 3 years (Sitelock to protect from viruses)

      1. Materials for marketing

        • Badge (identifying as position with INC)/business cards/flyers-handouts

        • Volunteers to work on branding?

        • Marketing committee (Jane Potts)

        • Purchase a bigger INC banner with logo?

      2. Hire a marketing firm?

      3. Resource Guide (toolkit)

        • How to become an RNO guide

        • How to guide on neighborhood program that provides backpacks with food for kids over the weekend

      4. Convert recordings (forums/meetings to podcast

    1. Goals for Growing INC

      1. Membership (increase from 80 members to 120?)

        • Marketing (subcommittee to be formed)

        • Service opportunities-some individuals may want to volunteer rather than participate in meetings

    2. Need a secretary – recorder of meetings, forums, events

    3. Are we addressing relevant issues? Attempt to insure that INC has forums and/or at meetings that focus on current hot topics

  1. How does INC address relevant/current city issues?

    1. Track city issues

    2. All members need more information from committees

    3. Forum on upcoming neighborhood plans: Denveright; Blueprint Denver, etc

    4. How do topics come from committees to membership meeting? Bring relevant issues to full membership

  2. Forums/Topics

    1. Upcoming Denver Plans

      1. Neighborhood plans

      2. Denveright

      3. Blue print Denver

    2. Healthy – Denver

    3. Sustainability (June) – include drought and other issues.

    4. Renter’s issues

    5. Future Elitches’ site

  3. Monthly Member Meetings

    1. A few minutes for training on accessing website

    2. Around the city – neighborhood updates to continue

    3. Shine the light”

    4. Committee reports/updates – what more extensive update

INC Working Meeting April 7, 2018


Grow organization

Get to $50K to be eligible for grants i.e. Colorado Gives Day – Joe Morrow? Ways to produce revenue

Give away scholarship(s) – Cindy interested to help

Main purpose – Public Education & Information Sharing Open monthly meeting with Tech updates

“Shine the Light”

Committee reports/updates – what is “important?” Around the Neighborhoods

Suggested forums: (forums need outside participation) Neighborhood Plans – CPD has all neighborhood plans Elitches

Different Point of View on Planning Healthy City

Break Out sessions

Need to partner with Warm Cookies, Denver Open Media and others Know we are successful when CRL starts following us

Attainable goals:

Use slide show from Annual Awards Dinner Grant writer


Grow – ask HOA’s

Produce our own content

You Tube – engage in our audience We need to present our own audience

Approved funds for Maggie to purchase Site Lock and other tech for INC website

Jane volunteered to start an ad hoc Marketing Committee

Determine approach, materials, Badges – cards, Rack Cards etc, larger banner(s) Bring draft back to the EC for approval

Hire marketing company

Renters Rights –

Service Work – people want to be involved in action People interested in their neighborhood – regardless of age Need more renters involved and engaged

Develop a Resource Guide – Road Map – How To – Speakers like Ted Talks

Convert You Tube to Pod Casts

(Mail Chimp open rate less then 25%)

Attach cost to each committee Tech

Marketing Scribe

Office manager Forum speakers

Scholarship – community service

What did committee members take from today’s Meeting?

Hank – what neighborhoods are represented on board etc? Who is impacted?

Concern about WATER

Maybe need a permanent committee for Sustainability

Hank – need purpose for $ – forums are our strength

Get back former attendees to come again to INC meetings

Bridgit – Like these fresh new ideas, hear the future, deal with todays issues Greg – like marketing, forums good, shine the light

Maggie – need to spend $ – hire some people to help with marketing, enjoy what is left of the city, public transportation

Cindy – little tweaks on monthly meetings – where to find, tech

Jane – would like INC to be a resource for the City, as INC represents its citizens

Steve – grow the org – let everyone know they are INC, great atmosphere, involve people more/ better – can be contagious

Ean – RNO2.0 Unified calendar Kniech and Ortega working on that, CAUTION with Visit Denver. Guide to help people – through the city process. Elevate our brand!

INC people make appearance elsewhere, green roofs leveraged neighborhoods.

Loretta – still have planning to do! New forum ideas great! Like having the City coming to us. We have a VOICE. Need a Motto. Public Education and Information

George – City views us as a thorn in their side. Think about having a Dinner or Not by September. We represent the citizens of Denver.

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