Special Executive Committee Meeting

Grow organization
Main purpose – Public Education & Information Sharing Open monthly meeting with Tech updates
“Shine the Light”
Committee reports/updates – what is “important?” Around the Neighborhoods
Suggested forums: (forums need outside participation) Neighborhood Plans – CPD has all neighborhood plans Elitches
Different Point of View on Planning Healthy City


Executive Committee Meeting Minutes Jan 8 2018

Dinner Update

Good registration, $25,000 + in sponsorship received, arrangements coming together well. Andrew Romanoff agreed to be emcee and the Mayor has been briefed about his presentation.
Any future correspondence between INC Chairs and city entities must first be submitted to the President prior to sending to the city.


Executive Committee Meeting Feb 12 2018

The Delegate meeting on February 10 directed INC to try to move the Annual Meeting (March 10) to be held at the same facility as the upcoming Park Hill Golf Course Informational Forum. Discussion included who to invite to be on a panel other than the INC representatives, who to be the moderator, and whether or not to seek “celebrity names” to participate.


Executive Committee Meeting August 14 2017

Improve Communication

Can we have a group that pushes information through Next Door? How do our delegates do wants to receive information (website, social media, etc.)?

Street blog, Channel 8, and other mediums can be used to relay information.

EC will use survey results and research some more communication options. This will be discussed at a future EC meeting.


Executive Committee Minutes September 11, 2017

Venue / Date / Theme: Hotel is booked for January 31 – total ballroom. INC to invite same groups (City leaders, INC members, non-member RNO leaders). About 500 invitations and about half attend (250). Meal selection can be same as 2017. Cash bar.

Theme is Neighborhoods Working Together. Awards to be the central focus, shorter program, PPT to be INC branded, professional emcee and short Visit Denver presentation.



Saturday’s Meeting

Margie sent out notes from Saturday’s meetings.

There will a change to the bylaws that delegates who do not pay dues by February 15th (45 days prior to election) will not be eligible to vote in the March officer elections.

Executive Committee will be trained on Robert’s Rules. Loretta will speak to an attorney for training. Payment for a parliamentarian may be an option.

Both sides of issues will be presented; and, ideally, motions will be presented in writing.

Meeting attendance requirements or charges will not be set, but organization attendance will be reported.

Dignitaries, Mayor’s office, and non-delegate RNO’s will be invited to dinners.

Child care will be considered for future forums but not for dinner.

February Forum will be for diversity / displacement / gentrification. Drew suggested a committee be set up for it. He also recommended a professor from Columbia be invited, since she will be in town around the same time as the forum. He will follow up on outreach to her.


Honoring Roger D. Armstrong, Former Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods Executive Director

Roger Armstrong, Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods’ executive director from 2007 through 2016, will be honored with a proclamation at Monday night’s Oct 16, 2017 Denver City Council meeting. District 10 City
Councilman Wayne New will offer the proclamation.

The Council meeting begins at 5:30 p.m. and Roger’s friends are encouraged to attend and, if they wish, speak about his many accomplishments as an advocate for the people of Greater Capitol Hill.