A divided Denver City Council votes to require more parking when small lots are redeveloped

The issue is the small lot parking exemption, a component of Denver’s zoning code that allowed developers in certain mixed-use zones to skip the parking when they develop lots that are 6,250 square feet or smaller.

There’s a moratorium in place on using that exemption, and there were two proposals on the table. One, supported by Brooks, would have exempted parking for the first three stories if a project was close to transit and for the first two stories if it were farther from transit. The other, pushed by Councilman Jolon Clark, would require parking after the first two stories for projects close to transit and after the first story further out. Both proposals maintain the full exemption for existing buildings, even if they are being redeveloped for a new use.


Park Hill Neighborhood Divided by Battles Over Historic District, Subdividing Lots

The 2010 zoning code classifies the Montview corridor as an “urban single unit” (U-SU-H) district, with minimum lot sizes of 10,000 square feet; under the current arrangement, the Wongs would need to have a 20,000-square-foot lot in order to split it up, but their total lot size is 18,750 square feet. So the couple has applied for a zoning change that would essentially take the 50 x 125 strip behind the house out of the U-SU-H district and allow it to be developed as a Glencoe (rather than Montview) address — since, on the side street, the minimum lot size is only 5,500 square fee