If you haven’t heard, Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) has a plan to expand the sale and service of alcohol in ALL Denver parks, “in an effort to simplify how rules and regulations are enforced at DPR facilities across the city.”
DPR has also posted a survey. Please take it by April 20, 2018


Notice of New Parks Designation Policy

Notice is hereby given that the Department of Parks and Recreation for the City & County of Denver has adopted a new Parks Designation Policy as of November 18, 2016. The new policy clarifies the designation status of and the protections afforded to Denver parks under the existing legal framework and sets forth the public process with respect to designation of Denver parks.


Auditor Report Helps to Generate Parks Designation Policy From Parks and Recs

The proposed policy defines what is a park and what is not a park. More importantly, it clarifies the processes for “Designated” and “Dedicated” parks. Essentially, a Designated park involves Charter recognition, requiring a public vote to change a park’s status (excepting state or federal eminent domain), whereas a Dedicated park is recognized under DPR policies. This proposed policy has been in draft form since 2009


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