2015 Member Archive

The list below represents INC’s membership for the year 2015 (as of September 1, 2015). Membership is categorized as either Registered Neighborhood Organizations (RNO) or Associate Members. INC offers tiered membership opportunities for added support to INC’s efforts. RNO members are our voting members.

RNO Members

Bronze RNO Member

Congress Park Neighbors Inc.
Crestmoor Park 2nd Filing
Downtown Denver Partnership
Golden Triangle Museum District
University Park Community Council
Upper Downtown Development Organization
Winston Downs HOA

Patron RNO Member

Cherry Hills Vista Community Assn.
City Park Friends & Neighbors (CPFAN)
Country Club Historic Neighborhood Inc.
Friends & Neighbors of Washington Park
Southmoor Park South N.A.
Stapleton Master Community Association, Inc.
West Washington Park N.A. (WWPNA)

Standard Members

ABC Streets Association
Alamo Placita N.A.
Athmar Park N.A
Baker Historic N.A.
Bellevue Hale N.A
Berkeley Neighborhood Association
Berkeley Regis United Neighbors
Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods (CHUN)
Cherry Creek East N.A.
Cherry Creek North NA (CCNNA)
Civic Association of Clayton
Clayton United
Cole Neighborhood Assn.
Colfax on the Hill
College View N.A.
Concha Homeowners Assn.
Cook Park N.A.
Cory-Merrill N.A.
Cranmer Park Hilltop Civic Assn.
Crestmoor Park Home Owners, Inc., 1st Filing
Cultural Arts Residential Organization (CARO)
Curtis Park Neighbors
East High Neighbors
East Montclair N.A.
Elyria Swansea/Globeville Business Assn.
Five Points Business District
Golden Triangle N.A.
Greater Park Hill Community Inc.
Greens at Pinehurst HOA
Harkness Heights N.A
Harvey Park Improvement Assn.
Highland United Neighbors
Hilltop Heritage Association
Historic Montclair Community Assn.
Hutchinson Hills/Willow Point Homeowners
Inspiration Point N.A.
Ivy Street Neighbors Assn.
Jefferson Park United N.A. (JPUN)
La Alma-Lincoln Park N.A.
Larimer Place Condo Assoc.
Lodo District Inc.
Lowry Community Master Assn. (LCMA)
Lowry United Neighborhoods
Neighbors & Friends for Cheesman Park
North City Park Civic Association
Overland Park N.A.
Platt Park People’s Association
Rosedale Harvard Gulch N.A.
Sloan’s Lake Citizens Group
Sloan’s Lake Neighborhood Assn. (SLNA)
South City Park Neighborhood
South Hilltop N.A.
Southmoor Park East HOA
Stapleton United Neighbors (SUN)
Stokes Place/Green Bowers
Sun Valley Community Coalition
Sunnyside United Neighbors (SUNI)
Swallow Hill N.A.
The Unsinkables
United Community Action Network (UCAN Metro Denver)
University Hills North Community (UHNC)
University Neighbors
Virginia Village/Ellis N.A
Washington Park East N.A.
Westwood Residents Association

Associate Members

Gold Associate Members

Visit Denver

Silver Members

Agency for Human Rights & Community Partnerships
Colorado Convention Center
Denver Health Denver Health
Denver Mayor’s Office
Michael Henry Michael Henry

Bronze Members
Denver Water
Gertie Grant

Patron Members

Denver Relief Inc.
Denver City Council District 4
Bernie Jones PhD (INC Co-Founder)
Xcel Energy

Organization Members

Dept. of Environmental Health
Denver Museum of Nature & Science Denver
Holistic Communities
Washington Park Profile

Individual Members

Jan Marie Belle / SWIC
Christiane H. Citron
Cathy Donahue
Bonna Gayhart
Marie Giedraitis-Edgar
Stephen Griffin PhD S
Janey Hanley (Past INC Chair)
Harriet Hogue
Jane Lorimer
Councilwoman Deborah Ortega
Sandra D. Shreve
Carolan K. Stiles

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