Awards Criteria

INC Neighborhood Person of the Year – Awarded in honor of Virginia Oredson who was the secretary of INC for several years in the 1980’s. She worked to protect her Montclair neighborhood from crime and problem bars and encouraged neighborhoods to work together through INC.
This award is given to a person who:
· Has encouraged Denver neighborhoods or citizens to work together in a common effort to solve community problems.
· Has established a record of selfless community service and has encouraged and motivated others to volunteer their services to engage in community improvement.
Community Policing Award – Awarded in honor of Bill Gross who was the chair of INC in the early 1990’s, was president of the Whittier Neighborhood Association, and was an organizer of the Northeast Denver Congress. His passion was for building partnerships between neighborhood groups and the Denver Police Department to improve neighborhood safety.
This award is given to a person who:
· Has a strong record of working with neighborhoods to better public safety in the community.
· Has made Denver a safer place in which to live.
Outstanding INC Delegate Award – Awarded in honor of Walt Kembel who was treasurer of INC in the late 1990’s and was active in the Cherry Creek North neighborhood where he constantly worked to maintain the neighborhood character of smaller, modest homes in the North Cherry Creek area.
This award is given to a person who:
· Is an INC delegate.
· Has contributed to INC during the past year over and above normal expectations to develop and promote the organization, or has moved INC forward or in new directions in creative or unexpected ways.

Youth Neighborhood Leader Award – This award will acknowledge a young person who consistently takes action to improve the quality of life for their community
· Presented to a young Denver resident between the ages of 12 and 23 years
· Has put in considerable work to strengthen their community
· Possible actions could be tutoring, beautification, mentorship, peer education, or violence prevention

Neighborhood Stars: The Board or a member of an INC member Registered Neighborhood Organization (RNO) nominates Neighborhood Stars. Only one person or team nominated by any one RNO can receive the award.
This award is given to a person or team who:
· Has made a difference in their neighborhood
· Has worked individually or with a group to make “Denver a Better Place to Live”
· Has worked individually or with a group over the past year on a cause or a project that has improved the appearance or quality of life in their neighborhood

President’s Award for Outstanding Service: This award is given for Outstanding Service presented to a group, individual, or entity that provides major support to further the works of INC, which is not recognized by the other awards. It may or may not be given annually. In 2014 the award recipient was Friends of Denver Parks


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