Denver Council president seeks to curtail colleagues’ rambling

As Brooks tells it, an analysis of last year’s meetings shows that some members have spoken for nearly an hour on single ordinances. He refuses to release that data because, he says, “I don’t want to embarrass certain council members.”

Sources who’ve seen the analysis say that Espinoza and Councilwoman Debbie Ortega are listed as the biggest talkers on council. As it happens, both also have been the most outspoken critics of Hancock and his administration – especially his handling of the storm water project and his affordable housing plan, which both criticized as lacking ambition. Espinoza and Ortega also have blasted Hancock and his office for a general lack of transparency in city government.

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Friends of Denver Parks Has A Date With The Colorado Court of Appeals

We are fighting because if we win, ultimately we can return the land to the ownership of the citizens of Denver. After the school has outlived its useful life in 20-40 years, DPS and the City can restore the 11 acres to natural area park land as part of Paul A. Hentzell Park for the use of future generations. READ MORE

INC Delegation Approves Resolution On Parks Designation

no park or portion of any park belonging to the City as of December 31, 1955, shall be sold or leased at any time, and no land acquired by the City after December 31, 1955, that is designated a park by ordinance shall be sold or leased at any time, provided, however, that property in parks may be leased for park purposes to concessionaires, to charitable or nonprofit organizations, or to governmental jurisdictions. READ MORE

RESOLUTION on DESIGNATING DENVER’S PARKS- Delegation Vote to Support at AUG 8th Meeting

Allocate additional funding to Denver Parks and Recreation for more staff and resources in order to complete the park designation process by the end of 2017. Prioritize the next phase of the park designation process to focus on gulches, drainage ways, and other areas of the City that provide trail and greenway connections to large geographic areas. This would include Weir Gulch Park, Sanderson Gulch Park, Harvard Gulch Park, and parks along the South Platte River and Westerly Creek. READ MORE