Charitable Works

The purpose of INC’s “Charitable Works” Program is to increase visibility and support for Denver’s inter-neighborhood charitable and service organizations that work to improve life in Denver. To this end, INC’s Charitable Works Program works with member RNO’s and other allied groups both to identify such organizations, and to establish relationships with them.

INC’s Charitable Works program does not seek to duplicate or supplant existing programs and services or to serve as an educational arm of INC.

Rather, the overall purpose of this Program is to support strong and involved neighborhood and community development throughout Denver by helping neighborhood organizations expand their abilities to offer and sustain their charitable services whether through generating awareness, promoting volunteerism, or creating a vehicle for generating material support.

The goal is to create a program grounded in Community Charitable Works which is neighborhood-based and which can be responsive to the wide range of needs and concerns of Denver’s many diverse neighborhoods.


Jane Lorimer



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