Denver Parks and Recreation: Public Event Rest Periods Update

To help protect park resources and maintain balance between recreational use and public events, rest periods have been established to restrict the permitting of public events in Denver’s six busiest parks. Rest periods (when a park cannot be permitted for a public event) are in effect from April 1 to October 31 each year.
Rest periods range from 2 to 4 weekend days per month, depending on the park. In addition, the 5th weekend in a month cannot be booked for public events (with exceptions for historical priority events), and no new events can be booked on Memorial Day weekend, July 4th, and Labor Day weekend.

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INC PARC October 17 2017 Meeting Notes


Brad Cameron updated the complex Park Hill Golf Course situation, gave a history of the conservation easement signed by Mayor Webb and now being discounted. The proposed contract between Clayton College and the City would allow for a great deal of development in the park space

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Sal Carpio gave Denver neighborhoods more of a voice — now he’ll get a park named after him

Carpio wrote the Registered Neighborhood Notification Ordinance in 1976, which gave neighborhoods an official voice in land use decisions and allowed registered neighborhood organizations to play the role that they do today. He also added significant park land to Denver, including securing the money to buy the land that became Northside Park. He helped redevelop the Central Platte Valley, once a mash of railroad lines and today the offices and residences around Union Station.

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