Delegate Meeting Minutes March 10 2018

Delegate Meeting Minutes
March 10, 2018
Park Hill Congregational Church

Meeting called to order at: 9:04am by George Mayl, President
Quorum present: 59 voting delegates

Approval of February Delegate Minutes
Motion made by Jane Lorimer. Seconded by Chris Chiari to approve February 2018 Delegate minutes. Minutes approved as presented by acclamation (1 abstention) 

Topic: Appointment of INC Vice President Vacancy
Loretta Koehler was appointed as Vice President by the President in February with approval from Board to fill the vacancy . A motion was made at this meeting to confirm Loretta as VP through end of term March 2019 by Adrian Brown and seconded by: Maggie Price . Approved with no objections (3 abstentions) 

Topic: “Enough is Enough”
Monologue by President George M. on upcoming City Council elections

4 Council seats are up for election
Each RNO should engage 50 active voters to make a difference

George M. recommends INC create a Business Plan

Topic: Executive Committee Meeting
Tuesday, March 13th at the Daniels Fund Building

Topic: Nominations for Open Board Seats
Open: President, Secretary, Three Delegates-at-Large
President: George Mayl motion by Margie Valdez. 2nd: Kim Morse
Motion to elect George Mayl as President is approved by majority of 57 with 2 abstentions

Secretary: No nominations, no one stepped up. Some of the duties of the Secretary were read. It was recommended that a secretary is hired and then overseen by a member. It was noted there is allowance in current budget for administrative support. 

At Large Nominations for three open positions
Jane Potts, Chris Chiari, Maggie Price, and Bridget Walsh were all nominated. Jane Potts, Maggie Price and Bridget Walsh were elected. 56 delegates voted. 1 declared as a formal abstention 

Topic: Committee Volunteers Are Needed
Dinner, membership, communications, taking minutes 

Topic: From the Floor
-Announcement: Colorado Independent has a list and description of for the Governors election
-Announcement: Hancock resignation petition online
-Clarification INC as a 501c(3) cannot support candidates but can support issues

Topic: Transportation Committee: Joel Noble, Co-Chair
-Meeting with RTD to discuss 8 pages of recommendations
-Low income pass and fare for RTD
-Increase age for free ride to 12 yrs
-Process included budget modeling
-Aurora Bike share discussion of dockless bikes
-B-cycle presented to the Transportation Committee
-OFO test at the University of Denver (DU)
Discussions about the “Cloverleaf” highway intersection at Colfax and Federal 

Topic: Parks and Recreation Committee: Maggie Price, Co-Chair
-INC Parks and Rec. Committee will be working with the Zoning Committee to discuss OS-A zoning
-Pre-planning for the OS zoning to preparing for CPD and DPR’s recommendations 

Topic: Zoning and Planning Committee: Ean Tafoya, Co-Chair
Blueprint Denver meetings coming up; there are 2 remaining: 

   March 14
th 6-8pm, DSST Byers School 150 S. Pearl Street and
rch 15th, 5:30-7pm, DSST Stapleton High School, 2000 Valentia Street                  

ZAP is working on addressing Green Roof guidelines  

Councilman Espinoza’s sponsored Re-zoning Notification Amendment: property owners within 200 SF of the property requesting a rezoning text amendment will be notified by the property owner.
   Motion moved by Bridget Walsh and 2nd: Ray Ehrenstein. Motion approved (54 for, 2 abstentions, no oppositions)

Slot Homes Amendment to be voted on as is. There were several questions on contents ie. Parking
   Motion to accept the written motion presented to delegates was made by Hank Bootz, 2
nd Jane Potts. Motion approved (54 for, 2 abstentions, no oppositions)

Topic: Parks & Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB)
Ean Tafoya requests as many people to attend the PRAB meeting. March 14th 5:30 – 7:30 at the Webb Building (fourth floor, room 4.G.2) | 201 W. Colfax 

Topic: Point of Order, Request to Announce full Board Member Names
President: George Mayl (Cory Merrill)
Vice-President: Loretta Koehler (Baker Historic)
Treasurer: Steve Nissen (Alamo Placita)
Newly elected Delegates-At Large:
Jane Potts (Rosedale Harvard Gulch), Maggie Price (Congress Park Neighbors Inc), Bridget Walsh (City Park)
Continuing Delegates-At-Large:  Drew Dutcher (Elyria/Swansea), Hank Bootz (City Park)
Outgoing Delegates-at-Large: Ian Harwick, Jane Lorimer

Topic: Olympics meeting starts at 10:15am following this meeting 
Chris Dempsey is special speaker from Boston No Olypmics and Governor Lamm, Former Colorado Governor

Adjournment: 9:51am
Submitted by: Blair Taylor Hardy


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