INC Delegate Meetings November 14, 2015

The meeting was called to order by INC President, Larry Ambrose at Jake’s, at 38th and Walnut in the Cole/River North neighborhood at 9 am.

  1. Treasurer’s report INC October 2015 Treas Report
  2. Introduction from our delegate from the Cole Neighborhood (Darcy Wilson)
  3. Councilman Wayne New, District 10 made a report and answered questions
    Budget Process
    Requested increase in Police Budget
    Worked with Councilman Kevin Flynn
    Requested 800 body cameras
    Sidewalks Initiative
    Walk Denver
    Colfax Economic Development
    Parking will be an issue to be addressed
    Marijuana Legislation Change
    Will review the 2 year moratorium
    Need strong neighborhood presence to control license allocation
    Dec 11th – City Council will have a retreat on Homelessness
    Public is invited
    Blueprint Denver is being updated
    Update will start in 2 months (January)
  4. Larry reminded Delegates that all members of RNOs can be members of INC Committees and encouraged them to let their members know
  5. Zoning & Planning Committee Report – Margie Valdez
    Dec 5th is the next meeting
    There will be a food drive at the meeting
    9:30am @ 1201 Williams St
    INC Academy was a success
    Dec 9th @ 10:30 Mary Beth Susman is chairing a meeting on Air B&B
    2016 Goal: Create a ZAP library in the cloud
    2016 Goal: Provide training on marijuana ordinance
    Margie was the neighborhood representative @ the Marijuana Policy Stake Holder committee
    The meeting was not well controlled
    Restrictions on excise & licences have been lost
    Subcommittee on Homelessness
    Adrian Brown will lead committee
    Will be looking at the problem through what INC can do.
    INC is seen as against housing homeless in neighborhoods
    Will present at the Dec 5th Meeting
    Will have a sweat equity component
    Will advocate decentralizing homeless housing into neighborhood
    Wayne New – District 10 would like to be involved.
    S. City Park – Renters are being kicked out of apartments in order for expansion
    Wayne New is talking with economic development to figure out how the city can help.
    Remember the “under employed” population as well.
    City is looking into Self Cleaning Toilets to be placed in appropriate areas of downtown
  6. Chris O’Connor
    Notified the group that there will be a Colorado Court of Appeals hearing on the Buckley Annex Case. One of the issues has to do with whether neighbors have standing to sue to challenge a zoning decision.
    This follows the St. Anthony’s case as well as the Henzel Park case
  7. Transportation Committee – Joel Noble
    Brought attention to the nearby 38th & Blake st Station for mass transit
    Sidewalks are a priority for 2016
    Jason Whitlock is leading a 16th St Mall study
    Looking into lingering and increased interaction
    Looking at the bigger goal of reengineering downtown
    The plan is to double the number of downtown users in the next 5 years
    Walk Denver
    Looking at the “last mile solution” –
    The organization would like to contact RNOs to build support
    March will be the delivery of support for a new funding strategy for sidewalks
    Last Meeting
    Paul Kashman gave a great presentation
    He will be a long term advocate for parts of the INC Transportation platform
  8. PARC – Maggie Price
    Katie Fisher has resigned as Co-chair. Cindy Johnstone will take over.
    A year in review
    Trees & Recycled Water in City Park, Cheesman Park, and Washington Park
    Red Rocks public process
    Nancy Francis will be our INC representative
    Zoo Incinerator
    City Park Events Review
    New Sign Dedication at Prairie Park
    Idea: Create a sign in your park that tells the history in your park
    Big changes are coming to downtown parks
    A new focus is coming to a development redesign the downtown DCPA Park
    Massive development, tearing down of Boetcher Concert Hall
    The RNO notifications for park events are not being done
    IDEA: could we podcast the meetings?
    Concern: The new event center in the West Stock Show complex is going to be loud
  9. Public Safety Committee – Merce Lea
    Next meeting is Tues Nov 23rd
    Merce is talking to the chief on Mondays for 4 hrs as a volunteer
    She welcomes conversation topic ideas from INC members\
  10. INC Awards Dinner – Celebration of INC’s 40th Anniversary
    Theme: Year of the Monkey
    Sponsor: Visit Denver
    Date is Thursday, Jan 28, 2016
    Using BlackTie to send invitations digitally and by email
    Need Silent Auction Items
    Ideas: Baskets
    Instructions on how to collect items are found here
  11. New Business:
    Warm Cookies of the Revolution is having their 2nd monthly event tonight
    We request that more neighborhoods communicate their accomplishments


The Denver Office of Special Events (Katy Stracina) and Denver Parks and Recs (Fred Weiss, Happy Haynes). The topic was “Creating Balance In Our Parks and Neighborhoods”

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