INC Membership Renewals January 1, 2018

Time to renew INC Memberships

 INC dues for all members are due January 1, 2018.  Rates remain the same since 2012. Your dues help pay for such things as member meetings (food, beverage, supplies, and equipment), website upkeep, survey tools, newsletter development, banking and legal, committee meeting needs and our annual awards dinner.

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2018 Awards Celebration and Nominations

Nominations Forms are now open for the 2018 Awards and Banquet

The awards are
PERSON OF THE YEAR (Virginia Oredson Award):

PUBLIC SAFETY (Bill Gross Award):


Neighborhood Stars: Neighborhood Stars are nominated for that award by the Board of an INC member RNO. READ MORE

Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation 2018 Award Nominations

PERSON OF THE YEAR (Virginia Oredson Award): The Virginia Oredson Award is given to a person who: Has encouraged Denver neighborhoods or citizens to work together in a common effort to solve community problems. Has established a record of selfless … READ MORE

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