Denver INC Executive Meeting Minutes September 12, 2016

Election Forum: Working with League of Women Voters to provide election forum. Will happen at Denver Channel 8 studio at the City Council Building. Requesting $500 this year ($250 last year plus administrative costs/secretarial of $286). INC to consider contribution of “not more than” $500 – need to clarify wording. Should be we a donor or a sponsor this year?

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Denver INC Executive Meeting Minutes Feb 8 2016

Denver INC Executive Board Elections
The board discussed the interpretation of the bylaws changes adopted in early 2014 pertaining to a revised term length from one year to two years, revised number of terms that could be served (from two to three) and the beginning of staggered terms. The bylaws adopted included an amendment which is now unclear to some about what was meant by what was eventually codified in the bylaws.
The heart of the question is…
Does this Article count all previous terms served as part of the total number of terms served?
Does this Article count only the current term served by the board at the time of the bylaw change as part of the total number of terms served? READ MORE

INC Executive Committee Meeting December 2015

Date: Dec 14th; Location: SWIC; President presiding
Meeting called to order at: 6:32pm
Board of Directors: Larry Ambrose, Ray Ehrenstein, Bibi Alexander, JJ Niemann, David Stauffer, John Riecke, Meg Schomp Committee Chairs: Education, Meg Schomp; Communication, David Stauffer; Membership, JJ Niemann; Budget, John Riecke; Parks and Recreation, Maggie Price; Public Safety, Merce Lea; Transportation, Joel Noble; Zoning and Planning, Margie Valdez, Greg Kerwin; Charitable Giving; Joanne Kuemmerlin

Approval of November Minutes motion made by John R. 2nd: Bibi A.
Minutes approved by acclamation READ MORE