Saturday’s Meeting

Margie sent out notes from Saturday’s meetings.

There will a change to the bylaws that delegates who do not pay dues by February 15th (45 days prior to election) will not be eligible to vote in the March officer elections.

Executive Committee will be trained on Robert’s Rules. Loretta will speak to an attorney for training. Payment for a parliamentarian may be an option.

Both sides of issues will be presented; and, ideally, motions will be presented in writing.

Meeting attendance requirements or charges will not be set, but organization attendance will be reported.

Dignitaries, Mayor’s office, and non-delegate RNO’s will be invited to dinners.

Child care will be considered for future forums but not for dinner.

February Forum will be for diversity / displacement / gentrification. Drew suggested a committee be set up for it. He also recommended a professor from Columbia be invited, since she will be in town around the same time as the forum. He will follow up on outreach to her.

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Denver Community Planning and Development staff clarified that before re-zoning would occur, the City would conduct a neighborhood planning initiative. CPD will partner with Clayton and lead a typical planning process that will result in a master plan. The City legal representative state that the conservation easement is only for golf course use and would have to be re-visited unless a golf course is kept there. Brad Cameron disagreed with this interpretation of the conservation easement. It was asked if the initial $10M is coming from CDOT, and the City clarified that it is coming from waste water funds and also from CDOT IGA funds

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Oct 2016 Delegate Meeting Minutes

October Delegate Meeting was held in SW Denver and welcomed a new member to our INC board of directors.
Brett Crimmel – Lead Pastor of Forefront Church (video)
Cathy Heikkinen, President, Harvey Park Improvement Association
Councilman Kevin Flynn, Denver City Council District 2
Meeting minutes for September 10, 2016, delegate meeting: Approved: 20 yes, 1 abstain.
Tom Mobley, President of Harkness Heights, nominated to fill one of the vacant Board of Director positions replacing Luchia Brown who resigned earlier in 2016.

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