Neighbors fight to save trees ahead of trial involving Denver’s City Park Golf Course

Denver City Council is set to vote on contracts related to a controversial drainage project at the golf course. The work involves a stormwater drainage project and course redesign.

The proposed contracts are on the agenda for Monday, August 14, after the vote was delayed by a week. Councilman Rafael Espinoza requested the delay and sent a letter to Mayor Michael Hancock Friday morning asking him to deny the contracts.
In addition to the video interview by Channel 9, this article also contains a ethics complaint against CW Stacie Gilmore and videos of the LUDI committee and the discussion for a postponement of the contracts surrounding the Park demolition.

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Three homeless defendants will take their camping tickets to trial in Denver this week

Assistant City Attorney David Broadwell said the city believes its ordinance is constitutional and is prepared to make that case.

“The objective of the parties is to strike down the ordinance,” Broadwell said. “They are putting the ordinance on trial, and whenever we adopt any controversial ordinance, we know that might happen. That’s why we have courts, and we respect that process. We’re always prepared to defend our right to have such an ordinance.”

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