Proposed Change To By-Laws

At the December 14, 2015 Executive Meeting the Board voted to present the proposed change to By-Laws (See strikethroughs) to the Delegation at its January 9, 2016 meeting. This change will allow memberships to be collected as 12-month memberships instead of calendar year memberships . Please see Executive Committee minutes from Nov. 2015 for history and motion made.

A. There shall be four classifications of membership: “Member Organization” (MO),
“Member Organization Patron”, “Associate”, and “Associate Patron”. READ MORE

INC Executive Committee Meeting Nov 9, 2015

Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation
Executive Committee Meeting
Nov. 9, 2015 at Beauvallon, 925 Lincoln Street

Meeting called to order at 6:34 p.m.

V. P. Ehrenstein presiding


Board of Directors: Ray Ehrenstein, JJ Niemann, David Stauffer, John Riecke, Darcy Wilson also Parks and Recreation Co-Chair Maggie Price, Zoning and Planning Co-Chairs Margie Valdez and Gregory Kerwin, Charity Chair Joanne Kuemmerlin READ MORE

INC Executive Committee Meeting Oct 12th 2015

INC Executive Committee Meeting
Oct 12th 2015
Started 6:40 pm
Attendance: John Riecke, Joel Nobel, Bibi Alexander, Greg Kerwin, Don Tresler, Margie Valdez, Dave Stauffer, JJ Niemann, Katie Fisher, Larry Ambrose, Merce Lee, Maggie Price, Joanne Ku

Motion to approve the meeting minutes from Sept
– Move: John R. & 2nd Don T.
– Approved by Acclimation READ MORE

INC Executive Committee Minutes – Sept 14th 2015

– Membership List was audited

 82 RNO’s which is more than 70% of the City listed RNO’s for 2015. They have 190 listed and that includes art districts and business improvement districts that we do not solicit asRNO’s (We do solicit as Associates)

 8 Patron Bronze level; 6 Patron level

 Revenues from RNO’s=$3943.90

 28 Associate Members which includes sponsors for dinner and other activities where sponsorship included membership

 Revenues from Associates = $2063 READ MORE

Denver INC Executive Committee Meeting- August 10, 2015

Meeting – Aug 10th- Attendance Larry Ambrose, Ray Ehrenstein, Bibi Alexander, JJ Niemann, David Stauffer, Margie Valdez, John Riecke, Merce Lee, Joanna K., Jane Lorimer, Geneva Hooten, Joel Nobel, Darcy Wilson, Greg Kerwin… Question: Using the word density in paragraph 2.6 is a “buzz word”. Density is not well defined.
Recommend rewording so it doesn’t sound like we endorse density
● Question: For TMA – are these general through non-profits? READ MORE

Denver INC Executive Committee Minutes- July 13, 2015

Attendance: Larry Ambrose, JJ Niemann, Don Tressler, Bibi Alexander, Margie Valdez, Joel Nobel, John Riecke, Steve Nissen, Katie Fisher, Maggie Price, Meg Schomp, Dave Stauffer

The meeting was called to order by INC President, Larry Ambrose at 6:38 p.m. at the Daniels Fund Building. The minutes of the June 8th EC Meeting were approved by acclamation.

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MEMBERSHIP VOTING MATTER- BYLAWS CHANGE Allowing for Action Outside of Meeting- August 8

Announcement – July 7, 2015  This voting matter was pushed to August 2015, then to Septemer 2015.  It was formally tabled at the EC February 2016 meeting and will be reconsidered in an inclusive review of bylaws during 2016. ONE VOTING MATTER____________________________________ … READ MORE