Policy Positions


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Support Letter for Designation of 3 addition parcels from INC PARC to Mayor Hancock Aug 2016

Letter From PARC to Mayor Hancock Regarding Urban Drainage and Flood Control Plan 2016

June 2016 Resolution Regarding 16-0306 Waste Water Fee Increase

March 2016 Resolution Regarding the Platte to Park Hill Stormwater Drainage Project

INC Final Motion Short_Term Rentals March 12 2016

INC Housing First Position Statement Feb 13, 2016


INC Resolution on Entertainment Districts January 10, 2015

INC Resolution on Short Term Rentals March 14, 2015


resolution_on_gdp_ordinance_changes-1 Resolutions on General Development Plan Ordinance Changes Jeanne Robb Feb 11 2014

letter_on_disturbance_of_the_peace_in_parks  Sept 18 2014 letter_on_revision_to_the_denver_noise_ordiance Sept 18, 2014

letter_on_disturbance_of_the_peace_in_parks Lauri Dannemiller Sep 18 2014

Letter From Laurie Dannemiller Re:Chive Fest Aug 27, 2014

Letter From Lauri Dannemiller Re:Chive Fest To Steve Nicholls Aug 27, 2014

INC PARC Response Re:Central Park Runs Calendar Aug 7, 2014

INC PARC Letter of Concern to Katy Stracina Re:Chive Fest 7-17-2014

INC PARC response to Mayor’s articles about the value of Denver’s parks March 19, 2014

Presidents Letter To L Dannemiller Re: SEAP Meetings March 18, 2014

Sidewalk Position Statement Newsletter June 2014

INC’s Efficiency Proposals to Denver Excise and Licenses
INC’s Efficiency Proposals to Denver Excise and Licenses


Designation by Ordinance of Parks Ltr

INC Motion to Support JPUN Appeal 2100 Eliot July 13, 2013
Regarding regulations of retail marijuana January 2013

INC Resolution on Parks Designation Process

resolution_for_designation_by_ordinance_ltr  Resolution regarding the need to designate by ordinance park and natural areas

Parks Designation Response INC 051713

Resolution for Designation by Ordinance Ltr

Response to Parks Designation Steering Committee

Representatives to Parks Designation Steering Committee

Letter Urging I-70 Reroute Study Sep 5, 2013

Resolution For Catherine Sandy Oct 24, 2013

Letter in Support of Council Bill 13-570 Sept 8, 2013

General Development Plan Open Space Requirement Nov 12, 2013

Official Comment from INC to Planning Board on Open Space and GDPs Dec 16 2013


INC’s Motion to support RNO JPUN: To not build at 2100 Eliot Street – July 2012
Motion in Support of JPUN

INC’s position re Allowing Public Comment at Council Meetings
Public Comment At Council Meetings – 6/12/2012

Resolution to Postpone Council Vote On Camping Ban


Resolution In Honor Of Adrienne Anderson Aug 20 2011


parks_zoning_in_new_zoning_code_nov2009-1  Letter From Cathy Donohue Form Councilwoman


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March Annual Meeting and Election

The March meeting of Delegates is scheduled for Saturday, March 11, 2017. At this meeting, we will hold elections for the open positions for the INC Board of Directors. Positions for Vice-President, Treasurer and Delegate-at-Large will be open.

Only a Delegate from a member RNO shall be eligible to serve as a member of the board. Please see our bylaws for other information (www.denverinc.org/inc-bylaws/). If you are interested in becoming an INC Board member, please contact president@denverinc.org or call JJ Niemann at 303.887.2233

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INC Delegate Meeting Minutes February 11, 2017

JJ Nieman, INC President, welcomed all and thanked Brookdale for hosting and providing food and beverages

Barbara Aragon from Brookdale facility welcomed INC and advised tours were available to any who had interest.

Councilman Paul Kashman, District 6 gave an overview about the international diversity within his district the University Park area. He told us South High School represents students from 70 countries and has an immigration-welcome attitude and focus.

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The bill authorizes the operation of a private marijuana club (club)
only if the local jurisdiction has authorized clubs. A club must meet the
following qualifications:
! All members and employees of the club must be 21 years
of age or older;
! A club owner must be a resident of Colorado for at least 2 years prior to owning the club;
! The club’s employees must be Colorado residents;
! The club cannot sell or serve alcohol or food;
! A club owner shall not sell marijuana on the premises; and
! A club owner shall not permit the sale or exchange of
marijuana for remuneration on the premises.

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Angry crowd confronts CDOT official over planned I-70 project

An informational meeting organized by Colorado Department of Transportation officials was overtaken by local protesters Thursday night at the Swansea Recreation Center in Central Denver.

Officials had come to detail next-step plans on the $1.2 billion “Central 70” interstate project set to begin early next year. Construction crews will remake 10 miles of I-70 that cut through the neighborhoods of Elyria and Swansea between Interstate 25 and Chambers Road. The officials never got the chance to give their planned presentations. The protesters wanted answers, not information, and mostly, they wanted to halt the project.

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Chair Margie Valdez convened the meeting of the INC Zoning and Planning Committee and introduced several city staff who spent the entire meeting updating the committee on the status of the Denveright planning process, namely Caryn Champine, David Gaspers and Sarah Showalter of the Community Planning and Development Department; Karen Good and Christine Evanoff of the Public Works Department and Mark Tabor of Parks and Recreation.

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Northeast Denver neighborhood is nation’s most polluted

From Denver Post
By Aldo Svaldi | asvaldi@denverpost.com | The Denver Post
PUBLISHED: February 16, 2017 at 5:02 am | UPDATED: February 16, 2017 at 12:29 pm


In the 80216 ZIP code, an index of home values is up 30.1 percent the past year and 250 percent the past five years, handily beating U.S. and Denver averages.

That strong property appreciation is a testament to both how depressed prices were and how desperate buyers are for affordable properties.

Some residents fear the severity of the area’s environmental problems are being ignored and remediation plans remain inadequate. Three major redevelopment projects, including reconstruction of Interstate 70, are combining with booming home and land values to push long-time residents out, said Cdebaca.

“I feel like the new people are clueless” of past polluters, she said. “Sellers aren’t required to report it, and the institutional knowledge is being displaced.”

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Cabinet In The Community – Feb 25 17

Saturday, February 25th, 2017 9:OOAM-11:OOAM Henry World Middle School
3005 S Golden Way
Denver, CO 80227
Featured Activities

•Safety Vehicle Demonstration
•Interactive City Fair
•Pefi Adopfiion
•Job Fair

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Denver Residents’ Issues Survey 2016

With the advent of new Denver City Council members in 2016, INC conducted this first-ever survey to:
1.Gather feedback about key concerns of Denver’s residents
2.Get feedback about City services performance
3.Learn how well Council is perceived to be listening and responding to those issues.
4.Use these results to open dialog with City leaders in a more meaningful manner

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